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Other Ensembles

We’re finding some of the arrangements for the brass quartet work well for other ensembles as well. We’ll start making them available for sale on the web site as well. In the meantime, if you see an arrangement for the brass quartet and want to find out more about making it fit for your group, […]

Happy Shark Week!

In honor of Shark Week this year, we put together a mashup medley of some Sea Songs. This combines The Wellerman Shanty, Gilligan’s Island, Jaws and Baby Shark. If you’re interested in this arrangement, contact us.

Brass for Halloween?

Brass for Fall Festivals or Halloween? Yes! We love doing Fall Festivals and Performances for Halloween! A few years ago, somebody called and asked if we could play in their downtown shopping area as entertainment for the trick-or-treaters. I didn’t immediately say yes. Were we a good fit? We had done a lot of Christmas, […]

Brass Quartet with Vocals & Drums!


We really missed playing in public over the holidays. We had a few opportunities, but in the end it was decided by all in involved that encouraging people to stand around and listen was not what 2020 called for. We did a few virtual performances in 2020 including this one where we added something extra. […]

A Wedding Reception with 8 Horns? Why Not!


 The HBQ was hired to greet the guests with New Orleans music while they were coming into the venue and waiting for the elevator. Somewhere down the line, the event planner thought wouldn’t it be something if we joined the band (which already had a 4 piece horn section) for the reception as well? […]

Ceremony on Location? Use Brass!

How do you have music at your ceremony if you’re getting married at the beach, in a park gazebo, or some other unique location? You could: hope your portable speaker attached to your phone would be sufficient (it won’t be) run a really long cable from the nearest power source for amplification (remember when one […]

Custom Arrangements

Another great reason for hiring professional musicians for your ceremony. Custom arrangements. There are tons of great classical, traditional selections to choose from for your ceremony. Maybe you think, “That’s nice. But I would like something a little different.” You may have a special song that you would like performed while the guests are being […]