Medleys & Mashups

Some of our arrangements are medleys or mashups. For copyrights reasons, some of them can be difficult to sell as a medley. We have some listed here through the self publishing websites, but they have to be sold in pieces.

Some instructions of the more popular medleys are listed below, but if you’re interested in purchasing them, contact us and we’ll tell you how we put them together.

Peanuts Christmas MedleyLinus & Lucy, Christmas Time is Here & Christmas is Coming make up this medley. If you play them in that order, they work going one into the other. If you buy 2 of them, just let us know and we’ll send you the third one.

John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas TogetherWhen the River Meets the Sea, Christmas is Coming & Little Saint Nick make up this medley. If you play them in this order, it works as a medley. This version of Christmas is Coming is FREE as it ends on the dominant chord going into Little Saint Nick.

Tales from the Crypt / Theme from the Munsters – These are for sale individually at SMP and SMD. If you but Tales From the Crypt, we’ll send you a copy of the medley as well. Just let us know.

Holiday Express – This is snippets of 25 Christmas tunes in less than 2 minutes. It’s for sale through the website.

Ghostbusters with Some Ghosts – This is our version of Ghostbusters for quartet or quintet. There are pieces of Bad Romance, Soul Finger and the horn soli from I Want A New Drug (If you were a musician in the 80’s, you’ll recall this was a big court battle!). I linked to our charts, but it will take you to SMP for purchasing.

Sea Shanty Medley – Pieces of Wellerman, Gilligan’s Island & Baby Shark all mashed together. Available for free, donation, educational purposes – basically just name your price!