Ceremony on Location? Use Brass!

How do you have music at your ceremony if you’re getting married at the beach, in a park gazebo, or some other unique location?

You could:

  • hope your portable speaker attached to your phone would be sufficient (it won’t be)
  • run a really long cable from the nearest power source for amplification (remember when one person tripped over a power cord at Live-Aid and brought the whole broadcast to a blank screen?)
  • have all the guests hum a the same song all at once (good for AFV, not a wedding)
  • use a brass quartet!

Brass for your ceremony

With brass, you won’t need to be concerned about power for amplification. We will be heard! Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

The Hampton Brass have done a number of successful weddings at parks and the beach for this very reason. Give us a call. 609-332-7179

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